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10 Easy Dietary Changes to Boost Skin Health

Diet Skin Health

Glowing, healthy, vibrant skin is something we’re all striving for #amiright? And there are SO many ways to get there- from products, to treatments, the skincare world is exploding. But how does what you put in your body, affect your skin from the inside out? The reality is, changes in your diet can boost skin health, and may actually be one of the most important things.

While on maternity leave, I found myself out to brunch- on a weekday and with no makeup on? Who am I?! The reality is, with a newborn, you have to get out of the house or you start to go a little crazy (speaking firsthand!). Taking care of Baby C while on leave has shifted my daytime beauty routine FOR SURE. I’ve been upping my skincare game and laying off the makeup (because really who am I seeing?!). No better time than the present to let your skin breathe!

We’re always making the connection between inner and outer beauty and trying to find simple easy solutions so while at brunch, it got me thinking- what can we tweak in our diets to help our skin? Here are a 10 easy ways your diet can actually help and work hard your skin rather than sabotage it!

10 Easy Dietary Changes to Boost Skin Health

  1. Limit refined sugars (these are histamines that can cause puffy skin)
  2. Make half your plate full of veggies (upping your antioxidants)
  3. Limit dairy (hormones can contribute to acne/inflammation)
  4. Limit processed carbs (swap for whole grain)
  5. Eat less meat, but more fatty fish (boots elasticity, boosts skins barrier, increasing moisture)
  6. Eat more nuts and seeds (contain vitamins + antioxidants to reduce inflammation- esp walnuts, almonds, pistachios)
  7. Start with lemon water (pre-coffee, this detoxes and removes impurities which clog pores)
  8. Add blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and plums (these are high in antioxidants to fight free radicals which break down skins barrier)
  9. Use cold-pressed oils (like extra virgin, and non-commercially processed)
  10. Add Green Tea + up water intake (polyphenols in green tea are super high in anti-inflammatory properties, and one thing we’re sure of, hydration is a key player in skin health)
There you have it! Simple easy tweaks to your diet that can majorly help your skin. Looking for more ways to get that glow? Check out our Hydrafacial review (our favorite treatment), our roundup of the best sheet masks, and one of the skincare lines that majorly boosts brightness  (shop their products here)!
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