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10 Reasons Why Old Friendships Matter

Old Friendships

Let’s talk about why old friendships matter. Why they are so good for the heart and soul. I was recently reading an article about friendship, and it got me thinking. Why do we always feel SO great after catching up with the people that are, or were once, nearest and dearest to our hearts?

What Defines an Old Friend?

Now to start, let’s hone in on “the old friendships” I am talking about. These are the friends that hold or have held a meaningful and memorable spot in your heart. Not the acquaintance that you see every once in awhile when you go home for the holidays, or someone you fell out of touch with for an obvious and clearly defined reason. These are the people with whom your friendships withstand tests of time. Changes in geography, important life events, challenging moments and beyond happy ones, and friendships that evolve as the differences and similarities of who you are as people, separate and together, too change.
I got to experience this in person, firsthand, at my best friend since I was 4 years old, wedding this past weekend. And I left feeling like a piece of me, that was always there, came to the surface and made an appearance again. It felt, literally, good for the soul, to spend time with people who at one point or another were a huge part of my life. And as you’ve probably experienced, it felt like time stood still. That when we were together again, the same feelings of love, laughter, support, and ease, existed without question. That’s what old friendships bring to the table, and thats what they’re all about. But why are these friendships so good for our souls?

Old Friendships

10 reasons old friendships matter:

  1. They understand the nuances of your life. These friends know your family, or they’ve heard and understand the struggles and challenges you’ve gone through. They get the complexities that exist in your life, whether recent or in the past.
  2. They’re honest. These friends tell you when you are out of line, they fight for you, even when you can’t see things clearly or fight for yourself. And you let yourself be honest with them, because, they simply just get it.
  3. They make you feel good. They know you, the good, bad, and in between. And they know how to lift you up, when you’re struggling or going through a time of need. You do the same, it’s one of those rare reciprocal relationships.
  4. They remind you. These friendships remind you of who you are in  times of struggle, and in times of joy. They’ve seen you at the lowest of lows, and highest of highs. They know where you’ve been, offering a different perspective on where you’re going.
  5. Nostalgia. There’s nothing more comforting than reminicising thing about memories and laughing at old times. These feelings are humbling and they bring you back, closer to home.
  6. They’re low pressure. These friends don’t make you feel bad for not calling in the past month or four. They welcome you each and every time with open arms and an open heart, allowing for your time spent together to be meaningful, not awkward.
  7. They’re aware of your flaws. Yet they stick with you, and bring forth a judgement free zone.
  8. You have differences. And thats OKAY! You change and they change, yet your friendship withstands the test of time. Your history holds strong and while you may not like all of the same things anymore, you have a deep grounding respect and love for one another.
  9. They define real friendship. Based on the above these are your people. These are the ones who will be there next year and in five or fifty years from now. They show what it means to be a true friend, and oftentimes, this is a great reminder of the qualities we value as we bring new friends into our lives.
  10. Quality over quantity. Science has proven this. Strong relationships clearly improve your health for a multitude of reasons. In the same vein, toxic and stressful ones cause negative outcomes like depression and high blood pressure.

Next Steps?

SO, on this rainy Sunday, pick up the phone and call an old friend to catch up. We promise, it will leave your heart feeling warm, offer clarity to situations going on in your life, and if nothing else, bring a smile to your Sunday! Also, check out our favorite ways to bring good energy home.
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