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Six Tips To Get Stronger Faster

Sharing 6 tips that’ll help you get stronger faster! The beauty about these tips is that they have nothing to with type of workout you choose, the studio you go to, or the instructor of the class. All of these tips rely solely on YOU! We’re true believers that working out has everything to do with how you approach your workout and your mindset during the workout, that leaves you feeling accomplished both mentally and physically, regardless of outside factors. We approach fitness with the understanding that there’s always something to be working on and getting better at, and we love that challenge! Approaching our workouts using the tips below helps us stay active students and hungry learners, even in the workouts that we do all the time. Check it out and let us know if these tips help you stay more focused, grounded, and present in your next sweat sesh!


Most importantly, we must be ACTIVE LISTENERS as we work out. Take every correction that you hear as if it’s directed specifically to you. It’s so easy to start to doze off during workouts especially if the instructor is not right in front of you or if they’re not giving you a hands-on correction. If you can take every correction that you hear as your own, and apply it to your own body, you’ll find yourself more focused, present, and constantly finding new things to work on thus gaining strength in your practice both mentally and physically.


COMPOUND every correction, new concept, new discovery/feeling that you learned from the previous class into your present workout. We tend to forget the things that we don’t practice, so if you can constantly keep applying the corrections that you’ve learned in the previous classes, they become building blocks pushing you forward toward perfecting form and alignment, which enables you to perform the moves correctly and see those results a whole lot sooner. Working out is all about technique and a whole lotta heart!


Consciously (and constantly) think about the muscle that you’re supposed to be firing. Think about where the movement is being initiated from, feel that muscle group fire up first, and continue to actively put a little brain in the muscle you’re focusing on and don’t let that focus go. Be thoughtful with your movements and move with purpose and intent. I often like to place a hand on the muscle I’m supposed to be engaging or focusing on to try and connect the mind to body, a bit deeper.


Make every movement full body! While there are times in a workout when you may feel a very specific muscle group burning, don’t let the rest of your body collapse. Use the whole body in unison and harmony to help achieve the movement and/or help you stay in the movement. The more muscle groups you can fire up at one time, the lighter you’re going to feel. You’ll feel more engaged and more successful at achieving the movement.


Piggybacking off the idea of active listening, we have to be actively listening when instructors are queuing transitions. It’s all about multitasking here: Keep moving, but keep listening! If you know where you’re going, before you have to get there, you can get there a lot sooner. During your next workout, ask yourself, are you wasting time in the transitions and using it as a break? Try getting into the exercises before anybody else in the class does (not because it’s a competition, but because you’re willing to work harder and stay disciplined) and at the end of the class notice what it does to your heart rate. You should find yourself panting, almost out of breath like you were just on the tread or bike.  When we can seamlessly transition into the next movement quicker and more efficiently, your muscles are staying active for a longer period of time which will get you stronger, faster!


Last, but not least: Get your eyes out of the mirror if it’s not serving you in a positive way! Mirrors can be a great learning tool when used to check in on form, or as encouragement when you look yourself in the mirror and have that mental pep-talk with phrases like “keep pushing, don’t quit, you can do it, you’re killing it!” However, if looking in the mirror causes negative thoughts and destructive criticism, look away! At this point, the mirror is simply a distraction from the things you should really be focused on! Your workout time should be a time to feel uplifted, strong, and accomplished!

We hope these tips are used as tools for any type of workout that you do! Let us know if you have any questions or if these tips help you leave your next workout feeling more fulfilled and accomplished!

All things beautiful,


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