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Tricks to Eat Healthy, Even When Busy

Eat Healthy When Busy


This is one of the questions I get asked the most. “How do you have these healthy meals you’re working all day?” So, I wanted to list out some of my easy ways to eat healthy, even when busy. First, let me say, it does not just happen. I have a plan and that is the only way this works. The plan can range from fully planned dinners (try to do this on Sunday night for the week), to making sure you have enough healthy staples in your fridge/pantry for the week ahead.

I typically eat pretty clean- I feel better, have more energy, and really just enjoy a healthy meal. One of my favorite things to do is “healthify” a meal that typically wouldn’t be when I have time, but for the most part, I just aim for healthy ingredients. I have been gluten-free for 5+ years (this has TOTALLY helped my digestion, bloating, and stomach aches) and try to minimize dairy (the hormones just aren’t great for me). Goes without saying, everybody and every BODY is different. So, you do you but this is what v much helps me!

Schedule Everything

You guys know I am a HUGE believer in this. I am a psycho with my Google Calendar. I color code everything and schedule in most everything but bathroom breaks (and I’m actually rethinking not including those).

PSA- also try to schedule your workouts. This makes a major difference for me in getting them done, or not. I try to block an extra 15 mins pre/post workout just in case a meeting runs over, the baby wakes up, etc.

Mimic your Favorite To-Go Meals

So this is where I get a lot of my inspiration. I love a good Sweetgreen salad. Or bowl from one of my favorite healthy restaurants. But 1) it’s super expensive to order takeout/delivery every day (like $40-50 for dinner per time) and 2) it’s actually very inconvenient (I.e. when you’re starving and your delivery takes two hours. SO, I try to use this as inspo and will get all of the makings of one of my favorite meals to just craft it at home. Less $$, less time, and often even healthier because you know what’s going in your food. If I have a dinner plan, I actually enjoy making dinner when I have a little bit more time and work is “done” for the night.

Use the “Buy it Again” or “Favorites” Capability When Ordering Online

So on Prime Now, or Amazon, or most anything, you can actually repeat orders, add the same items, etc. This saves TONS of time. It allows for you to keep your staples stocked, making your time spent on adding the new ingredients for this week’s meals. Another option is automatic deliveries. I would TOTALLY do this for things like my Papa Steves Raw Protein Bars, which I usually grab as breakfast.

Make a List

I like to buy various things at various stores so I keep a list in notes on my phone of the staples from Trader Joe’s, Publix, Wholefoods, Fresh Market etc. I scan them quickly before I head into any of these stores to add to my “weekly list”. So the weekly list. I love that you can make this on, I also just make it in notes or Evernote and share it with T so we both can check it off.

I try to do one of two things. Either plan full healthy dinners (with ideas for lunches- salads, sandwiches, bowls, leftovers, etc) for the week OR, when I am feeling uninspired or just utterly crazy, I work off healthy items to keep on hand that I know can make meals. So for us, this is things like ground turkey for turkey burgers, rotisserie chicken, chicken breast, etc. Then sides, so frozen or fresh veggies, things that can be a base for a bowl (cauli rice, brown rice, quinoa) etc. This way I can pair simple meals together.

Rotate Meals

When I am full-on meal planning this is a MAJOR thing for me. I love to pin 1-2 new recipes each week and on the other nights, rotate what I call my tried and true. Think tacos, rotisserie chicken, turkey burgers, a basil mozzarella chicken, etc. This way we get to try something new but it isn’t like I have to make 5 nights of new dinners that I haven’t tried before. Here are two of my favorites- Healthy Jalapeno Chicken Chili and Low Carb Instant Pot Chicken Meatballs. I love my Ninja Foodi (steams, instant pot, crock pot, air fryer all in one).

Also, do the same thing with lunches! I rotate between easy things like turkey roll ups, a salad with chicken, a veggie burger (love Hilary’s Veggie Burgers), egg whites, and avo toast with all. Another easy thing is to batch make soups and freeze them for lunch. Remember, it’s all about efficiency. Especially during working hours. So I try to keep these items on my list each week so I can take the guesswork out of it.

Stay Hydrated

This is a major thing for me. I did a little experiment recently where I actively increased my water intake. I also used things like LiquidIV (I like the acai flavor and use half a packet at a time) or this coconut water powder to boost electrolytes. Between this and using a large glass, or even better a water jug like this to track your oz, I felt so much better. More energized, could think clearly, my skin felt better, and I was getting fewer headaches. All to say, hydration is KEY.

Organize Your Pantry + Fridge

With moving into the new house, this is something I am working on. I am going to hit the container store or Bed Bath and Beyond and do some pinning to get REAL organized, but for now, I abide by a few principles in pantry/fridge organization.

First, I keep all interchangeable ingredients together (I.e. black beans stacked near garbanzo beans, spinach next to arugula) so I can easily substitute and find what I’m looking for. Second, I keep our healthy options at eye level and the not so healthy further down.  Third, I keep a running list on my phone of ingredients I am out of for the next store run. Lastly, I keep everything organized by category- baking, medicines, cleaning, etc.

Oh! And I just got the book Beautifully Organized which looks to have great tips. And, I follow a lot of organizational accounts on IG. One of my friends is a great organizer and just started @thefunctionalproject to help with all your organizational needs!

Eat Healthy When Busy

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