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Who else loves a good Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up!? We love to practice a little self-care and pamper ourselves with a mini self-spa session halfway through the week. This week we brought back our glow with Frank Body Original Body Scrub + Glow Mask and French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish.

@frank_bod Original Body Scrub not only has that delicious coffee aroma (SN: did you know Coffee stimulates blood flow, promotes collagen production & scrubs away dry skin) but also left our skin feeling so soft and moisturized. The cold pressed sweet Almond Oil–An antioxidant-packed oil that leaves your skin hydrated even after rinsing the scrub off + Vitamin E–bodyguard to protect your skin from free radicals. Sometimes scrubs can leave our skin feeling dry, but this left us feeling silky smooth.

Frank Body + French Girl Organics

Paired with the @frank_bod Glow Mask this extra caffeinated, the extra hydrating mask makes puffiness disappear and gives your skin extra life, glow and brightness. (BD pro tip: This mask only take 5 minutes–most say to leave on for about 30 min, so when you need that quick boost this baby is fast and efficient! Nothing we love more!) Goji Berry extract paired with Cranberry + Raspberry Seed Oils give that antioxidant protection and brightness we love!

Because our lips need love too, @FrenchGirlOrganics Rose Lip Polish is the perfect sugar scrub to revitalize your pout for the rest of the week (we actually love this so much, we try to use it daily). Infused with rose + mint geranium essential oils for a little added plump, and made with shea butter + coconut oil to deeply moisturize and soothe, this exfoliating scrub will not irritate even the most delicate lips. We’re all about a quick treat that will leave your lips hydrated, supple, and free of dry skin.

What are you favorite scrubs/exfoliators?!


All things beautiful,

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