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Anyone else dreaming of still being in bed?! We are! Lauren often has super long days at work and Kim teaches many early mornings into the late afternoons, so it’s safe to say, our beds are our sanctuaries and proper bedding is a must. And when it comes to creating a super comfy, cloud-like oasis there’s no one who creates a more zen space than one of our best friends Charly Hilman (so much bedroom envy in this photo!).

Bedding Essentials

In NYC we’re (fortunate?) to experience both hot + humid summers and freezing cold winters, which means it’s hard to decide how to keep your bed up to par year round. We’ve nailed down these essentials that make the perfect combination for a comfy bed no matter the season!


Sheex Luxury Copper Sheet Set- Lightweight, breathable, and the SOFTEST fabric on your skin, seriously, once you try these you’re going to wonder how you ever slept on anything else! The copper fabric releases ions that may decrease oxidants in the body. Sheex fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. Also a plus, they’re wrinkle-resistant and don’t fade!


Casper Pillows- Whether you like a more fluffy pillow or a bit more firm, Casper’s unique pillow-in-pillow design make them the perfect choice for any type of sleeper. While the inner pillow is supportive and more firm, the outer pillow is soft and fluffy. Side note, did you know you’re supposed to wash your pillows pretty often? It’s okay, we didn’t either. Casper makes it easier than ever with their removable outer layer that you can just unzip and pop in the wash! Efficiency and ease at its best!


Slip Silk Pillowcase– Absolute MUST! Because silk is significantly less absorbent than other fibers (like cotton), your skin gets to absorb all of your nighttime products instead of your pillowcase. Slip Silk can also help to minimize wrinkles and bedhead by creating less ‘drag’ on delicate skin and hair.

BD Pro Tip: Slip Silk will help you blowouts last longer ladies!

Down Comforter

Buffy Down Comforter- This comforter has been the biggest game-changer for how we sleep. While we like to feel hugged by the weight a fluffy down comforter, there’s nothing worse than a down comforter that’s so heavy that it’s not breathable during the summer heat (especially for those of us with no central A/C, thank you NYC). This Buffy Comforter offers the weight and hugged feeling you’d get from a super plush down comforter, but is SO breathable. The first night we tried it we got through the whole night without ever getting hot! #sleptlikeababy

What makes this comforter stand out from others out there? Instead of cotton and down (we say no to environmental waste/pollution and to animal cruelty), Buffy uses silky natural eucalyptus fibers for the shell and an eco-fiber from reclaimed PET bottles for the fill, making the comforter softer, lighter, and more eco-friendly than most!

BD Pro Tip: We highly recommend you try it for yourself now! They offer the first 30 nights for free, if you don’t like it, send it back for free!

Have you tried any of these brands? What are some of your favorite bedding brands/essentials? Let us know in the comments below!


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