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Hi Beauties! Let’s talk about our favorite place to be, home! Whether you’re coming back from a long trip or just a long day, there’s nothing quite like the relief and immediate peace you feel when you step inside your front door. Home for us is not only the place where we are lucky enough to find our loved ones every day but also our sanctuary to be totally and wholeheartedly ourselves. Because it’s tough to not carry the baggage from the day home with you, we try our best to enter our homes knowing that we are in a space where we can just let our guards down, let go of anything that’s happened in the day, and know that we have the power to bring whatever type of energy it is that we need, into our homes. Whether you’re seeking peace and quiet from a bustling city outside your door, a stressful day at work, or a packed day with kids, we hope “home” for you is a place of peace, love, and positivity.

We wanted to share with you a couple of things that we find help turn our homes into a place that we always look forward to coming back to. Whether you’re into the whole Sage, Palo Santo, cleansing of energy or not, we’ve got a little bit for everyone. From scents to cleansing the space, the following products help us to feel relaxed and restored when at home.

Home Essentials

Palo Santo

We love to burn Palo Santo directly after cleaning our homes and right before bed. Palo Santo is said to cleanse any negative energy and bring in the good (we love to state a positive affirmation as we burn the Palo Santo and cleanse the space around us or even ourselves or partners). For us doing a deep cleanse of our home also includes cleansing any negative energy that may be lingering. We love to sage before bed to bring a restful nights sleep along with setting good intentions for the day ahead. Whether there’s science to it really working, or its just all in our heads, we are open to anything that will help bring us all the calm and positive feels, and this does for us! Palo Santo doesn’t burn as long so it’s better for smaller spaces and the scent is a bit more subtle—a woodsy yet fresh aroma with hints of mint and citrus. Click here to shop for Palo Santo for your home!


Sage is said to clear ALL energy both good and bad. After “smudging” (as its often called or simply put, after clearing the energy,) have a plan to bring in the good energy you want by repeating a positive mantra, or having a crystal nearby (if you’re into them) that can help offer some of the energy you’re seeking. Sage burns for much longer than Palo Santo so its great for larger spaces and has a more distinct herby scent (not for everyone.) We are totally obsessed with this Sage & Lighter Set from Sunday Forever paired with their Abalone Sage/Incense Shell. Leave it on your coffee table or shelf for the perfect decorative accent. #prettyandfunctional 


Not only are candles a quick and easy go-to to provide a tranquil and sometimes romantic ambiance, but we love the calming vibes a candle gives off. There’s just something about the stillness of a flame the immediately transcends us to calm place. While we love using a Diffuser for a longer lasting scent, candles are a great way to help set the scene for a calm and restorative environment. For both a beautiful scent and aesthetic, we love these United By Form candles.

Oil Diffuser

When we tell you-you need this Aroma 360 Oil Diffuser, it is not an exaggeration. The diffusers all have modern, chic designs along with top of the line technology. “Whether you are looking for a stand-alone unit to scent a room or one of our HVAC diffusers to cover multiple areas through your heating and cooling area, Aroma360 has a scent diffuser that will work for spaces of all sizes.” [You can set timers for the diffuser to turn on before you get home so that you walk into a beautifully scented space, you can adjust the potency and even set a timer for it to shut of automatically, and you have the ability to insert the diffuser into your air vents!] Our favorite thing about this brand is the wide range of incredibly scented oils. Aroma 360 carries an exclusive line of Signature scents inspired by some of the most well-known and iconic hotel scents. From the 1 Hotel, to the Edition Hotel, to Hotel Costes in Paris, Aroma 360’s variety of scents make any home or business more comforting and inviting. There’s nothing quite more relaxing than being reminded of your favorite destination in the comfort of your own home. We both have the Mini360 SL in our homes which is sleek, discreet, and the perfect addition to any personal space. Our favorite scents from the Hotel Collection include Black Velvet (The Edition Hotel), California Love (The Delano Hotel), and My Way (1 Hotel).

What are some of your favorite practices to create a more zen and peaceful home environment? Share your tips with us below!


All things beautiful,

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