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Hospital Bag Must Have’s

Hospital Bag

We’re officially ready for Baby H, and we have our hospital bag ready to go! After extensive research, we’re excited to share with you the must haves for your hospital bag. This includes what to bring for you, for baby, and for him! Let’s also note, that we like to be over prepared. There is nothing worse than wishing you had something to make you more comfortable.

So here it is, our list of what to bring to the hospital to (hopefully) make labor and delivery that much better. After polling tons of friends who have had babies, both in NYC and beyond, these were the items unanimously recommended. ALSO- remember to do your hospital tour, prior to going into labor, so you can ask what the hospital has and what you need to bring/buy. Lastly, everyone has told us to STOCK UP on the items provided by the hospital upon departure. From diapers, to ice packs, these teams know what they’re doing and from what we hear, they’re happy to share extra supplies!

For Mama:

For Baby:

For Hubby: Didnt pack this but here’s what he’s bringing

That’s a wrap, friends! Let us know what we’re missing and we’ll report back post baby. Not ready to pack your bag, but want to get more prepared? Check out our list of favorite books for pregnancy!

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