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How and Why We Detox


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It’s a new year, and we’ve been getting lots of questions on how and why we detox. From brands to questions from you guys, we wanted to share how we approach consistent detoxing. We love this time of year, because it reinvigorates us all to take a look at our habits, and swap the not so great ones for healthier alternatives. But oftentimes, we find ourselves setting unrealistic goals, or goals that aren’t sustainable in the long run. 

Why We Detox: Our POV

First and foremost we believe in listening to your body, and trying different things that work for you. Picking the ones that do (and sticking with them), and swapping out the ones that don’t. And readdressing these regularly to make sure that they’re actually still working for you- your body and your lifestyle. 


Our view on detoxing is simple- detoxing is something view as integral to our OVERALL health. We try to integrate products that support our detox regularly via supplements, teas, etc. This said, we totally hear you (and feel ya too!) that certain occasions prompt us to do something drastic, like a bachelorette weekend with the girls, or a holiday like Thanksgiving, so we’ll do a one day cleanse (usually a juice cleanse low in sugar like @blueprint or @suja) to help reset our systems. 

Q+A on Detoxing:

Is there a type of detox that you guys love? Or are there any that haven’t worked for you?

we like a one day juice cleanse, and using detox teas (like everyday detox from Traditional Medicinals or Kusmi Detox Tea) after a big weekend away just to reset. Celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach as well as hot lemon water each morning are things we try to incorporate into our regular routines. We also use a product by Vibrant Health called Green Vibrance each morning, which is filled with greens and probiotics to aid in overall health, digestion, energy, and circulation.

I (Lauren) eat gluten free and we have been trying to limit dairy as we believe a major cause of many health issues goes back to inflammation, so anything we can do to reduce inflammation is key. We take turmeric each day as well to help fight inflammation. We don’t believe in full restriction, or a miracle product. Clean eating, mixed with the things mentioned above, and of course exercise, on an ongoing basis offer the best and most sustainable form of long term detox for us.

What do you think are the correct verses incorrect ways to cleanse?

On the heels of the above, we don’t believe in a magic product that will work standalone for detox. In the same vein, doing something for 1 day, or 1 week, anything- a diet, a juice cleanse, etc- is not sustainable for long term detox. And when detoxing it’s important to ensure you are still attending to your digestive and gut health, another thing that takes time verses a quick shot detox.

What products do you use to detox?

We loved the book Natalie Jill’s 7 Day Jump Start discussing the basics of an unprocessed diet and how to eat clean. Fit for Life is also great in understanding how combining food can impact weight loss, energy, and overall health.  Everyday Detox tea, lemon water, green vibrance, turmeric, and a good probiotic are key (we love the ingredients in this probiotic). We’re looking forward to trying F-Factor in the coming months.

What kind of detoxing do you do regularly?

As mentioned we approach detoxing as something to rejuvenate and revive energy on a daily basis. We definitely believe in balance (we love wine, and love working out) so it’s important for us to work to remove the toxins and impurities on a regular basis to give us more energy and help keep our system functioning and clean. Because we look at detoxing holistically, we try to incorporate simple habits across all areas of our lives- like putting our phones down for an hour or so each to detox from our “always connected” lives, or swapping our traditional workouts for something that brings in more of a sweat like Shape House, Higher Dose, or Y7 Studio hot yoga. Alternatively detoxing for us may mean trading in the intense workouts for a session at Stretch or a calming yin yoga class.

How did you learn to detox?

Kim has worked in wellness for much of her career (and is a professionally trained dancer) and Lauren has been super interested in wellness for many years. After cutting out gluten due to a stomach sensitivity I (Lauren) began to become more interested in what we are putting in our bodies and how we can become more empowered to find what diet, workouts, supplements, etc work best for each of us (because it is different for everyone)! We’re huge believers in eating clean and removing processed foods where possible to help our digestive systems function and increase our energy. We also strongly believe in taking charge of your health- so if something is not right for us, we work to find an integrated medicine practice, doctor, and/or holistic approach to solving the issue (preferably and to build your team of advocates!)

How does detoxing relate to outer beauty (i.e. skin, hair, etc)?

At Beauty Disclosed we look at all things Inner and Outer Beauty. The beauty and wellness world is more complex and confusing than ever. To your question, wellness applies to both traditional beauty, and overall health. So, we always look at ways to keep our skin clean and glowing. We love a good facial (our favorite is the hydrafacial which removes impurities while simultaneously infusing skin with nutrients for the most amazing glow.

We’re big on cleansing and exfoliating nightly. We love Biologique Recherche P50 for a chemical exfoliant/toner, and we will oftentimes double cleanse to remove makeup and then again to actually clean the pores in skin. Also, we’ll apply a mask 1-2x/week. We love the Summer Fridays masks and also have been loving the Valmont Renewal Pack for the harsh winter months. Lastly, diet plays a big part in detoxing your skin. If we see we’re looking dull or congested, we may skip makeup for a day or two. We’ll also try to limit sugar, caffeine, dairy, and other trigger foods.

How do you detox? Share below!


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