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How the SWEAT App Brought Me Back To Fitness

#workoutwednsday was killer this am! The past couple of weeks I’ve said goodbye to group fitness classes (other than Soul Cycle and Y7 for some cardio and stretching when needed) and have become a total fan of the SWEAT app for weight training where I can workout at our home (buildings) gym! Lauren and I were actually talking the other about how overwhelming going to a gym can be! Yes, there’s a ton of exercises out there that utilize all the bells and whistles and gym has to offer, but where do you start?! How many reps are we supposed to do? How many sets of each exercise are we supposed to do? The list goes on and on.

The SWEAT app has taken out ALL of the guesswork! Think about it as your own personal trainer via app! Here’s the breakdown: The SWEAT app offers a variety of different styles of training so you can find what fits you, your lifestyle, and your goals. From yoga to post-pregnancy workouts, weight training, power training or high-intensity workouts, SWEAT is right there to support you!

Training Programs

Different programs include BBG, BBG Stronger, PWR, PWR at Home, Post-Pregnancy, BAM, Fierce, and Bild. You can find descriptions of all of the different programs the SWEAT app offers here!

I (Kim) have been doing the “Fierce” program with trainer Chontel Duncan. Her workouts vary from HIIT training to strength training. I love it because it keeps me from getting bored! You’re constantly trying new moves, working both on reps and speed. I swear I’ve never finished a workout where I wasn’t completely drenched!

How It Works

The app is super easy to navigate. With each workout, you’ll have the info you need to succeed including:

  • A list of equipment you’ll need for that day (super basic equipment which we love! Think dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, yoga mat, foam roller.)
  • Demos of each exercise with modifications if needed.
  • The app will tell you if you’re trying to get in as many reps as possible within a time frame or if you’re going for a certain number of reps to hit before switching to the next exercise.
  • Buzzers/voice cues of when to start, stop and rest between exercises.
  • The app allows you to play music via your favorite music app (ours is @Spotify) while still being able to hear cues of next exercise, and when to start/stop.
  • The app tracks your progress for you. You’re essentially trying to hit three days of cardio (either high or low intensity) and three days of weight training. I usually opt for either a Soul Cycle class (which you can also mark off on the app) or 20 min of cardio at the gym (usually 10 min of Stairmaster + 10 min of high intensity running on the tread.) After you’ve completed the session, it marks off a little trophy icon to keep track of your completion.
  • After each workout, you also get a cooldown guide which I try and do after each workout. Recovery is SO important for my performance the following day.

Why I Love It!

I cannot tell you how much simpler this app has made my life! While I of course love a good group fitness class, for the first time ever in my life, I get excited to hit up my gym in the AM and get in the zone. It’s not always about the cute workout sets or pretty boutique/Instagram worthy studios. For me, it’s about the work, the sweat, and sometimes tears, that push you to change you want to feel and see. There’s something so empowering about accomplishing a sweaty workout all on your own. I’ve found myself leaving my workout session strong, proud, and simply good about myself and what I did, not just for my body, but also my mind. If you’ve been feeling intimidated to head to a group fitness class, don’t want to spend the money on them, or don’t know where to start with your own at home/gym workouts, the SWEAT app is such a great place to start! I couldn’t recommend joining the #SWEATcommunity enough! Let me know if you have any questions about it below!

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