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How to Boost Your Immune System + Not Get Sick

Immune Boosting Vitamins + Herbs

Hi Babes! Anyone else on the brink of feeling sick? If you’re like us, it seems like EVERYONE around us is catching some sort of cold. Whether due to the cold weather, flu season, or simply being run down, there’s no better time to share some quick tips, and our favorite products to boost your immune system NOW.

We’ve rounded up a few of our go-to immune-boosting tricks to help us combat that looming cold. Though nothing is a substitute for seeing your Doctor, here are some things we swear by. *BTW, it’s worth noting, we’re big fans of going to the Doctor. Why not leave it to the experts? Especially if you’re still not feeling well after trying these tips.

Immune-Boosting Vitamins + Herbs

Top Immune-Boosting Vitamins

Zinc: Zicam anyone? This well-known medicine is often our go-to when we feel a cold coming on, and Zinc is the main ingredient. It helps to reduce the duration of your cold and boosts immune response. Zinc can also help with muscle repair and has anti-inflammatory benefits. Try these EZ Melts which dissolve, or these to swallow.

Vitamin C: Probably the most-known supplement when it comes to supporting your immune system, this is one we take daily for overall health and well being. It helps in tissue repair, heals wounds, and brightens skin. High in antioxidants, Vitamin C in high doses may help shorten the length of your cold. Given your body cannot make Vitamin C, we like to take this supplement daily, and 2x a day when we feel a cold coming on.

We also use Counter Attack, a supplement that contains oregano, zinc, Vitamin C and other healing vitamins and herbs.

Top Immune-Boosting Herbs

Oregano Oil: This is our #1 go to when we start to feel under the weather. We both swear by this concentrated oil and highly recommend you add this Oil of Oreganol to your Amazon cart immediately. Oregano oil naturally helps to fight bacteria, and reduce inflammation. It is also a super potent antioxidant (42 times more antioxidants than in apples!).

Green Tea: Packed with immune-boosting antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids, Green Tea fights free-radicals, inflammation, and slows the aging of cells. Try this supplement or this tea!

Turmeric: We take turmeric daily, sick or not. It helps to significantly fight inflammation when taken regularly. Turmeric is filled with antioxidants to combat colds, and Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is an anti-fungal and anti-viral. We take this supplement (1-2 daily) and also love this turmeric tea.

Echinacea: Used for centuries to fight infections, Echinacea is known for supporting your immune system. Many studies credit Echinacea for reducing the frequency of colds throughout the year and shortening duration. We also love the adaptogenic (stress reducing) effects, which in itself may boost your immune system long term. This is our go to supplement. We also love this Echinacea tea!

Black Elder: Used for many years to flight colds, Elderberry has antioxidants that protect your cells from damage and trigger immune response. When taken at the first sign of a cold Elderberry can shorten the duration and may help with upper respiratory infections. We love this one!

Ginseng: Mostly known its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, ginseng an adaptogen (stress reducer) and since ongoing stress is thought to weaken your immune system, ginseng may help. Try this supplement!

Sage: Studies show that sage may boost your mood, which can help your overall wellbeing, especially when you’re feeling run down. There are also antibacterial properties found in Sage, which helps your body to fight off the bad bacteria. Try this natural essential oil for a daily boost.

Immune-Boosting Foods

Top Immune-Boosting Berries:

Goji Berries: Known for boosting the immune system, fighting inflammation, and fighting free radicals with their high concentration of antioxidants. This superfood is packed with Vitamin C and A, which support a healthy immune system. In addition, Goji Berries promote healthy gut bacteria by supporting the growth of probiotics, which also aid in immunity and overall health. Try them dried, as a powder for smoothies, or as a supplement.

Raspberries: Berries overall are a great boost for your immune system. With some of the highest antioxidant levels, they help to clean cells, therefore allowing them to effectively fight infection. We like to start our day with a bowl of fresh or frozen berries or add to smoothies/shakes.

Top Immune-Boosting Citrus Fruits:

Lemon: As an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and high in Vitamin C, lemon can help to fight and shorten your cold. We try to drink hot water with lemon every morning, both for digestive health and an easy immune boost.

Grapefruit: Contains high amounts of Vitamin C and hesperidin, a potent antioxidant known to repair immune function and fight inflammation.

Top Immune-Boosting Greens:

Kale: Leafy greens like kale, swiss chard, and spinach have high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants. These greens also contain folate (helps to ward off infection), and generate Vitamin E (critical to immune health).

Wheat Grass: This vibrant green shot found in your local juice shop, is full of essential vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. Also containing iron and chlorophyll, Wheat Grass works to increase energy, detox and cleanse your system, and boost both your immune system and your skin. If we can’t pick up a fresh shot, we like this lemon flavored powder, this powder, and these capsules. Worth noting, we’re obsessed with Green Vibrance powder which also contains Wheat Grass, and SO MUCH MORE.

Asparagus: Love it or hate it, asparagus helps to fight bacterial infections and the common cold, while strengthening your immune system. Filled with B-Complex Vitamins, asparagus helps to increase energy and maintain a balanced nervous and immune system.

Surprise Immune-Boosters

  • Onion: Little did we know, onions contain immune-boosting chemicals like bioflavonoids (yes, the same as found in red wine!). Bioflavonoids are full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and act as an antihistamine to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Garlic: Studies have shown, garlic can reduce your chances of getting sick, the severity of symptoms, and duration of your cold. By stimulating the immune system, garlic helps your body make more cells to fight off bacteria and colds. Add garlic to your weekly meals when feeling sick or take a supplement at the first sign of a cold.
  • Sweet Potato: Sweet Potatoes are rich in the immune booster beta carotene, which turns into Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to strengthen your immune system and protect from free radicals. Also linked to reducing heart disease, Sweet Potatoes are an easy addition to our diets!
  • Almonds: Nuts pack protein, minerals, and antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Zinc, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Together, helping to boost overall health and immunity. We love these almonds for a snack throughout the day.

Immune-Boosting Daily Habits

  • Walking or running to help ignite detoxification and lymphatic drainage.
  • Wash your hands – OFTEN! We also carry this Aesop sanitizer always (it’s only $10!).
  • Drink tea at the first sign of a cold. We love this immune boosting tea full of vitamin c, lemongrass, and echinacea.
  • Stay hydrated and track your water intake. Apps like Waterlogged can help. We drink a full glass of water right when we wake up! We love the Hydro Flask water bottle and the handy little Ulla Hydration Reminder to help easily track your ML’s.
  • Get some (protected) sun exposure. Vitamin D does wonders for your health. OR try a Vitamin-D supplement if physically being in the sun is not for you. We use and love this one!
  • Use an essential oil diffuser. We like to use the doTERRA Breathe oil when we’re feeling sick, and alternate with sage oil, rosemary oil or Eucalyptus oil anytime we feel a cold coming on.
  • Consume immune boosting foods when possible (see above!)
  • Manage stress the best you can. Try meditation, yoga, or calming breathing techniques.
  • Sleep a full 8 hours when possible, and track your sleep via the Health App on your iPhone or watch. When it comes to sleep, we love our Silk Pillowcase and favorite eye mask, which we swear help us stay in a restful slumber.
  • Laugh a little (or a lot) and more often! Studies show daily laughter increase mood-boosting endorphins which helps you feel better all around.

Any other tips for keeping your immune system healthy and strong? If you’re already sick, we’re working on a post focused on how we feel better and recover faster! Stay tuned!

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