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MNDFL Meditation Review | Calming Haven In The Big City

Hi Beauties! Today we’re here to talk Meditation. Whether you’re experienced in finding your inner zen, have heard the recent buzz around meditation and are curious to learn more, or have never really given it a second thought, we’re excited to share our thoughts on the matter. The marketplace for meditation seems to have grown overnight, and we were eager to learn more, and experience the NYC live guided meditation, at MNDFL.

With a huge variety of classes, MNDFL Meditation has something for literally everyone with any level of meditation experience. We arrived at MNDFL in Greenwich village on a Sunday morning to experience two of their classes- Breath and Heart. And we have a lot to share….

The Essentials – Need to Know

Space + Ambience:

Place: MNDFL

About: MNDFL is a New York City meditation studio that offers 30, 45 and 60 minutes thematic classes. What makes MNDFL unique is that they provide both that quiet space to breathe as well a the fulfilling sense of connection and community. Since meditation is still something many of us are still discovering, MNDFL feels strongly in having LIVE teachers guiding you through the practice. With now 35 teachers on staff, the other unique part about MNDFL is that you have multiple traditions and practices living under one roof allowing you to find a practice or theme that resonates most with you. Although MNDFL is a secular space, every teacher on faculty has studied deeply in a specific tradition or lineage. MNDFL aims to make meditation as accessible as possible to us all.

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village (see additional locations below)

Vibes: Immediately when you walk in, there’s a sense of serenity, tranquility, and simplicity. The MNDFL team created the space to escape the busyness of your life and mind. It is a studio that feels like a safe haven and a place for ritual.


Lobby: We were immediately greeted with smiles from the front desk staff- Taylor and Jordan (so gracious, thank you!). They explained how our time at MDFL would unfold and gave us a tour of the studio. The lobby is light and bright with several nooks and crannies- an open space for belongings framed by shelf topped plants, a large gorgeous macrame wall, a library wall stacked with recommended books (currently recommended, Rebel Buddha, our instructor Adreanna’s pick) from each MNDFL instructor (updated regularly!), soft apparel, Mala Beads, and other key meditation goodies like Open Road Goods blankets, MNDFL teacups, and aromatherapy oils from UMA (here’s our fav UMA trial kit) and Vitruvi, two brands we LOVE (also check out this gorg Vitruvi Stone Diffuser)

Bathroom: Two restrooms stocked with Aesop products

Waiting Room: Just past the front desk area there is a comfy lounge where you can pick up a book, relax on the couch, and totally unplug (it’s actually a no-cell phone zone, once you walk past the front desk). One of our favorite amenities in this area is the tea wall, stocked with tons of MNDFL mugs and your choice of 3 Rishi teas (ginger turmeric, peppermint, and super green tea matcha). You can get your very own MNDFL mug, to bring to the studio or bring a bit of MNDFL to you.

Studio: There are two studios- a larger open space where the majority of the group classes are held, and a smaller more intimate room with a living plant wall, and skylight drenching the area in natural sunlight. The smaller room is typically used for more advanced practices and private guided sessions and is also available for members to drop in and do a self-led practice.

Worth Your While:

Cost: First class is only $10 (highly recommend), Single Class $18, Full Pricing/Membership Here (Check out our Promo below)

Other Classes: Intention, Emotion, Sound, Sound Bath (one of their most popular), Sleep, Mantra, Energy, Remix, and Private Instruction

The Main Event – Behind The Scenes

The Set-Up:

You are given thick boho blankets and cushions (you can choose between softer circle cushions and more firm larger rectangles). We both preferred the rectangles, as we found them to be more comfortable and supportive when sitting for a long period of time. PS- They’re a bit pricey, but MNDFL has their own cushions Gomden (rectangle cushion) and Zafa (round top cushion) + Zabuton (square bottom cushion) available online for purchase, to bring the studio right to your at home practice. We’ve also found some other top-rated cushion options available on Amazon (prime included!) from Seat of Your Soul, Reehut, Bloom (love this print!), and Brentwood.

The Meditation Classes:

Breath: This 45-minute class focuses on breathing in order to become more present. The description is that Breath “is MDNFL’s signature meditation class, this practice grounds you in the here-and-now like a cold shower on a hot summer day.”

Overall, Breath helped us to practice self-awareness. This class, in particular, is not a fully guided class, rather allowing your thoughts to come and go as you move through the meditation. Throughout, the repeated instructions were to usher our mind to come back to our present state by acknowledging our breath. We were encouraged to settle into where we were and recognizing that the only thing happening was simply to be on our cushion in the space, using phrases like “this is it” to bring us back to our breath throughout the practice.

We did enjoy the class, but given we are not experienced meditators, we definitely found moments of discomfort, particularly in the body from sitting for an extended period of time. From a mental perspective, we found peace in allowing our thoughts to freely come and go.

Breath is for you if you are looking for a sense of serenity to quiet your mind in chaotic times. By merely sitting and breathing, we were able to let go and simply “just be”.

Heart: This 30-minute class is definitely more of a guided practice that focuses on “encompassing loving-kindness practices and ways to become more compassionate and empathetic towards others”.

Heart was a class where we directed our thoughts to someone. Throughout the practice, our instructor guided us to open our hearts to three specific types of people in our lives–  the people you love, the acquaintances who you have no present connection to, and the people you may find are a bit more difficult to love. We were instructed to close our eyes and invite the person/people to come in front of us and recognizing the details of them. There were a series of affirmations that we extended to each of the groups.

“May you be happy. May you feel safe. May you feel at home in your body. May you live your life with ease”.

After the class, between the two of us, we shared with each other who we invited in during the mediation. Lauren brought her husband-Tommy, Mom-Suzanne, and Lab puppy-Sophia (we actually were encouraged to invite in a four-legged friend with fur!). Kim brought in her Mom-Angie and Dad-Ron. We are both totally emotionally-charged people and felt such a rush of love and joy for the people in front of us.

The most interesting part: We found that when extending the affirmations toward those acquaintances, or the ones who may be a bit more difficult to love, we experienced a feeling of contentment and peace when repeating these positive mantras. Our takeaway is that especially for those “bystanders” with whom we have not yet formed relationships with, we owe them the courtesy of positive thoughts and well wishes. It made us feel good to spread the good. Even for those more difficult to love, the affirmations made us acknowledge that

everyone, no matter where you have placed them in your life, deserves to be happy, safe, and find peace.

The Benefits

  • Stress reduction
  • Alleviate anxiety/depression
  • Greater emotional balance
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Immunity boost
  • Improve creative/critical thinking
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve focus/concentration

Ideal For:

Many people come to meditation after experiencing pivotal life events, but MNDFL and the practice of meditating is applicable for everyone from every walk of life. As meditation is such a personal and unique experience for each individual, we encourage you to try it out for yourself and let us know about your experience! If you’re not in NYC or don’t have a meditation studio in your hometown, check out our list of best meditation apps here!

Beauty Disclosed at MNDFL

The Afterglow – Our Thoughts

How We Felt: One of the things we’re noticing is that, since meditation is something that can be done alone, and really on your own time, many classes and of course the apps, are all pre-recorded. This is definitely still useful (and super convenient when you are on the go), but there is something different about having the presence of and access to a live human being throughout your meditation practice. It makes for a really different experience and one we loved. We also appreciate MNDFL’s sense of community. They encourage people to drop by for a cup of tea, or simply a minute to unplug. One of the things we will be taking with us as we continue through our busy lives is that mediation is a resource to quiet your mind and train your brain on how to respond to the good and the bad that comes with life.

Would we do it again: YES! We LOVED our experience at MNDFL, we loved Adreanna and the staff, we loved how we felt when we left, and will definitely be back soon.

Exciting brand news to share: For our beauties who can’t make a class or don’t live in NYC a unique feature of MNDFL is their new app launch. You can join MNDFL Video anytime anywhere via MNDFL is one of the few meditation outlets that offer video with an instructor versus audio only!

Keep Glowing Pro Tip: From our Instructor Adreanna Limbach: “There is so much beauty and pleasure that we cheat ourselves out of because we’re simply not present enough to experience it. We’re generally walking through the world lost in our thoughts (or our tech devices), which renders us unavailable to the subtle moments of beauty that surround us all day long : The way the light catches and shifts at different times of day, the skyline shapes stacked against the horizon, a tender exchange between two people on the sidewalk.

“It isn’t fluffy or sentimental — it’s a very practical notion; receiving the beauty of our world by simply paying attention. Which is precisely what meditation helps us to do.” -Adreanna Limbach


  • Name: MNFDL
  • Locations: Greenwich Village, Upper East Side, and Williamsburg
  • Follow MNDFL on IG (Link to Instagram)
  • Book It: Promo Code: Redeem your 1st CLASS FREE!  First-time clients- create an account here and enter code BREATHE at checkout online to receive (1) 30 min or 45 min class of your choice! Returning MNDFL clients- enter code BREATHE1 at checkout for a 30 min class! For ALL- you will have 30 days from your time of purchase to redeem your class.

You Tell Us

Did this post open your mind to meditation? Do any of you meditate? If so, what are the effects that its had on your life? Where/how do you practice meditation? We’d love to add your favorites (apps or studios) to our list for the rest of the Beauty Disclosed community!


All things beautiful,

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