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Our Top 10 Tips to Boost Productivity

Productivity Boosters- Let’s discuss! With the crazy days only getting crazier, one thing we try to focus on is efficiency. How can we be more productive in the time we have? Thus, our top 10 tips to boost productivity! We’re excited to share with you guys the ways we work to get more done, with less effort, in less time- three key goals we work to hit each and every day. Whether working from home, or when we’re back to working in office, these tips will help you be more productive with your days. Ultimately, by implementing these tips you will find yourself more accomplished, happier, and healthier- both mentally and physically!

So let’s dig in, shall we?

Tip 1: Identify When You’re Most Productive

Is it morning? Afternoon? Find that time and schedule your most important to-do’s in that time. You’ll find you’re able to check-off more of the urgent to-do’s because you’ve pinpointed the time that YOU are most effective at getting sh!t done!

Tip 2: Time Batch

We love doing this, and it makes a BIG difference. We try to time batch most everything we do. Basically, this means doing like tasks at one time. For instance, checking emails and responding for 30 mins. Feeding and reading to baby for 45 mins. Writing blog/social posts for 30 mins. Making lunch, prepping dinner, and cleaning the kitchen for 30 mins. You get the point! This allows you to get MORE done, by being more efficient with your time. 40% more efficient to be exact, by focusing on a group of like tasks at a time vs multitasking. We use this time cube to keep track of how long we’re doing each task.

Tip 3: Have A Notebook/Pen with You ALWAYS

We just ordered a new PHYSICAL notebook to have nearby at all times. We’re grouping tasks into work, Beauty Disclosed, and Personal- each with a dedicated page. We also just got these sticky dividers that house the most important/urgent tasks for each group. And, here, here, here, and here are a few of our favorite notebooks/lists to keep track of to-do’s. There is something about a physical notebook that we’ve been missing being away from our in office jobs. Oh! And we can’t forget our favorite Poppin Pens. We also use Evernote and Google drives for a cloud based system to organize all of our notes.

Tip 4: Make a Daily Schedule using Google calendar

This is probably the number one thing that is critically important to boosting our productivity. We use Google Calendar to organize our day and we create color coded events for EVERYTHING. This includes work calls, time to write posts, tasks for baby, working out etc. We don’t always get things done in the allotted time, and things move around often, but that is the beauty of Google Calendars, you can move the tasks to the next day or a later point in time if things get too crazy.

Tip 5: Hold Yourself Accountable

There are a few ways to do this- first, set deadlines for your most important task. Set them for your team and your family. These can be traditional deadlines (i.e. Kids, have your toys put away before lunch, or by the end of the day I need to complete X project for work) or micro-deadlines (i.e by 2pm I need to have section 1 of my strategy plan done). A few we try to focus on? Send your 3 most urgent emails before breakfast at 8:30, have dinner planned + out (or even better prepped) by the time we clean up lunch, go over our plan for the next day the night before. Use this tip for your most important tasks, that can’t roll over to the next day.

Tip 6: Identify How You’re Spending Your Time

Spend a day or two logging every task you do in your notebook. This might sound tedious, but it allows you to realize how you are spending and wasting time. In combination with your daily schedule, it also allows you to most effectively time batch. You will notice trends, like how long you are on social media for instance, and can adjust or not based on the habits you see.

Tip 7: Allow Time for Self-Care

Schedule 30-60 mins for yourself to do something for YOU! For us, this is meditating, having coffee and reading our daily affirmations in the morning, doing a workout that feels good for your body, or throwing on a mask and watching an episode of your favorite show. This time to recharge is essential to helping you be the most productive you can be for the remainder of the day.

Tip 8: Know When to Turn Off

The most productive people know when they’ve hit their limit for the day. Their productivity is largely based on  being able to acknowledge the work they did, and simply move the incomplete tasks to the next day. Without feeling bad! Know when you have had enough for the day. We all hit a point where mentally, we can’t effectively do the work that needs to be done. So, think about taking a moment to pause or stop for the day and move your tasks to the next day. A little secret, THEY WILL GET DONE, quickly and more effectively when you’re able to show up to complete them.

Tip 9: Make/Review Your Morning Routine

Research shows that having a morning routine, is essential in boosting productivity. Ours looks like this- a quick note of gratitude for the day, drink all the morning beverages (Green Vibrance, a full glass of water, hot lemon water, and coffee with MCT oil powder + Inulin), check emails and respond to the most essential ones, have a quick breakfast, change/feed baby, read a book, get dressed for the day, begin top priority tasks. We also highly recommend getting dressed in the morning. Whether in workout clothes, loungewear, or whatever floats your boat, changing out of your PJ’s is a v important step.

Tip 10: Scheduled Chats

We’ve even started doing this with phone calls to family and friends. It sounds crazy, but with all of the tasks happening at home- from work, to baby, to walking the dog, to personal tasks, Beauty Disclosed, cooking, working out, etc- we feel like we’ve never been busier. So scheduling time to workout with your partner or virtually with a friend, setting up that coffee catch up with a friend you miss talking to, face timing your family, is critical to making sure you have time for these important interactions. You’ll find that you are more productive when you know you have these special moments to look forward to.


So there you have it! Our 10 Tips to Boost Productivity. While these are largely effective while WFH, they totally translate to an in-office environment as well. We also wanted to share our post on the Eisenhower Method to help you make quick, thoughtful decisions on which tasks to do first.


What are your key ways to be your most productive self? Share with us here!

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