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The Best Holistic Facial in NYC | Pacific Touch NYC: Part 1

Who else has recently come across someone that you instantly click with? Someone whose energy, passion, and overall vibes bring a much-needed boost to your day, week, the month? Who, after your time together, leaves you feeling warm and full of happy endorphins? That is exactly how Nichola Weir, Holistic Esthetician and Founder of Pacific Touch NYC, left us feeling and we couldn’t be more excited to bring the amazingness that is Nichola to all of you today. Because trust us, her powerful energy and profound approach to both inner + outer beauty radiates both near and far.

Nichola Weir Pacific Touch NYC

Why a Holistic Esthetician?

We originally found Nichola, on a day where we were DEEP in our search for a Holistic Esthetician. We wanted someone with the insight and ability to connect outer/topical skin conditions with inner health and wellness. Specifically, we were hoping to find an Esthetician with an interest and understanding of the lymphatic system and the role it plays in dull, tired, skin. And for that matter, how a sluggish lymphatic system can affect the rest of your body- from inflammation, to gut health, even chronic illness. As you know, and hopefully see, the lymphatic system is one of our clear obsessions. Given the rise in allergies, sensitivities, and various diseases, Holistic Estheticians focused on Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Nutrition are increasingly in demand.

“Holistic Estheticians believe that all parts of the body are interconnected. To understand the various separate parts and functions, they understand your body as a whole and recognize that mind and body are one, functioning together to achieve harmony”.

As someone who suffered for years with cystic acne, this condition is originally what brings many people to see Nichola. Her reviews are filled with even the most challenging of cases, boasting her unparalleled ability to treat adult acne in a holistic way- without harsh topicals, medications, or chemicals. In the same vein, many clients with rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and other hypersensitive skin conditions flock to this Holistic Healer for her specialized, personalized, and incredibly thoughtful approach to skincare and overall health.

Through a thorough consultation, including an examination of lifestyle habits, Nichola’s goal is to shine a spotlight on any underlying issues or imbalances that may be causing problematic skin conditions. A “facial” with Nichola at Pacific Touch is truly an unforgettable experience, and we can’t wait to share why. So, let’s get started!

The Essentials- Need to Know

Space + Ambience:

Place: Pacific Touch NYC

About: Pacific Touch NYC specializes in customized treatments to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients. The goal at Pacific Touch is to address the clients’ unique skin issues from the inside out. Nichola has a “No one size fits all” approach to skincare. All first time visits to Pacific Touch NYC include:

  • An extremely comprehensive holistic skin health history
  • A fully customized treatment tailored to meet your skincare concerns
  • A follow-up plan for at home care
  • A treatment plan going forward to ensure that you meet your skin care goals

Neighborhood: NYC (Flatiron) 928 Broadway, Suite 1200 New York, NY 10010

Vibes: The name, Pacific Touch, stems from Nichola’s home in New Zealand where the term “Island Time” was born.

“Pacific touch is about bringing the idea of an island back to Manhattan. In a place where everything here is turn and burn, and most beauty services are in and out, Pacific Touch was created to restore the idea of what self-care is meant to be, and that is not a chore.” -Nichola Weir


Lobby/Waiting Area: Pacific Touch is located in the Omni Wellness center, a quaint office space with several independent specialists ranging from holistic facials and acupuncture to hypnosis. The office has an older more traditional look but was a calm, clean, and safe space.

Treatment Room: Our facial took place in Nichola’s cozy and private treatment room accented with decor from Nichola’s Polynesian background.

Pacific Touch NYC Treatment Room

Worth Your While:

Cost: $175 Custom Holistic Treatment (75 min), $195 Custom Holistic Treatment (90 min), $225 Lift & Glow (90 min)

Other Treatments: Find the full list of treatments and services here.

Our experience at Pacific Touch really got us talking! So much so, that we’re doing a special three-part review. Makes sense, when you’re a blog focused on all things inner and outer beauty, right?! The CONNECTED approach to beauty and wellness is one we believe in wholeheartedly, and quite literally epitomizes why we created Beauty Disclosed. So, get ready for an in-depth look into the treatments and why, no matter your location, you Need a Holistic Facial NOW.

Have you been to Pacific Touch or a Holistic Esthetician in NYC? Share/Comment below!

All things beautiful,

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