Skin Laundry NYC- Flatiron Lobby
Skin Laundry NYC- Flatiron Front Desk
Skin Laundry NYC- Tribeca Product Wall
Skin Laundry NYC: Flatiron Product Wall
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Skin Laundry NYC Review | 15 Minute Laser + Light Facial

Hi Beauties, We’re super excited to talk about one of our favorite topics. FACIALS. More specifically, laser + light facials. We’re working on a full guide to lasers to help explain the nuances and many types of laser treatments now available. Lasers + IPL are fast growing in the skincare world, due to the quickly advancing technologies and non-invasive effectiveness and that they provide. Whether you’re looking for a solution to address uneven skin tone, aging, discoloration, pigmentation, or skin rejuvenation, there is likely a laser for you.

This week, we’re highlighting Skin Laundry and we can’t wait to share our opinion on the growing trend of quick laser treatments.

The Essentials- Need to Know

Space + Ambience:

Place: Skin Laundry

About: Skin Laundry is a 15-minute laser and light facial developed as a quick facial treatment for those looking for clearer brighter skin, on their lunch break. Skin Laundry was born with the goal of providing an affordable, quick, and effective laser experience.

Neighborhood: NYC: Flatiron, Tribeca, Midtown East, and The Underground at Parker New York. Also in California, Arizona, Illinois and the UK with new locations on the horizon. Full list here.

Vibes: Beachy, Bright, and Airy.


Lobby: Immediately when entering Skin Laundry, we felt like we walked into a modern beach oasis, with a spa-like atmosphere. Images of palm trees, boardwalks, and surfboards transport us right to Venice Beach and create the signature California vibes.  Product walls line the perimeter of the store and are organized by cleansers, treatments, and masks.

Waiting Room: Off the lobby is narrow waiting area with benches for you to comfortably wait for your treatment to begin.

Treatment Room: The treatment room is a clean open white and marble space with the products, tools, and goggles used for treatment organized neatly into a tray near the bed.

Skin Laundry Laser and Light Facial NYC Flatiron Waiting Area

Skin Laundry Laser and Light Facial NYC Flatiron Treatment Room

Worth Your While:

Cost: First time FREE, Single Facial $75, Carbon Peel Treatment $150, Full Pricing + Packages + Memberships here

Other Treatments: Carbon Peel add-on available for those who’ve had at least one standard Laser Light Treatment (you cannot get the carbon treatment on your first visit). There are options for the laser light treatment on neck and chest.

The Main Event- Behind the Scenes

The Set-Up:

After signing in via the Skin Laundry iPads, we were exported to the vanity and given a cleansing wipe to remove any dirt and makeup to prep your face for treatment (eye makeup can stay!). After a quick rundown on what to expect in the treatment, we were quickly escorted back to the treatment room where we met a registered esthetician who would be administering our laser + light treatment. Skin Laundry requires that all practitioners are certified skincare professionals who are overseen by a team of medical advisors (including Board Certified Dermatologists). This is major as the training and expertise of the provider matters when it comes to facial laser therapy. We’re working on a full guide to lasers, but one of the key things to know, and Skin Laundry addressed up front, is that

certain lasers are not appropriate for patients with melasma as the heat in the laser can exacerbate the pigmentation of the skin.   

The Treatment: Laser Light Facial + Carbon Peel Add-On

This light + laser treatment safely promise brighter healthier skin with no flaking, peeling or redness. The signature Skin Laundry facial is a 2-step combination of YAG laser and IPL (intense pulsed light). The Carbon Peel add-on provides a deeper cleansing of the skin by drawing out impurities. This laser specifically targets pigmentation/discoloration in the skin and due to the dark color of the carbon mask, the laser is more deeply attracted, leading to the enhanced detoxification process.


  1. Carbon Application: Leave on skin for 10-minutes
  2. Heat Laser: Binds carbon to impurities sealing carbon into the skin
  3. YAG Laser (2 rounds): Removes carbon via laser, to detox and cleanse skin
  4. 3-In-1 Cleansing Oil Application: Removes excess carbon leaving skin with a healthy glow
  5. Balancing Antioxidant Toner Application: Balances the pH of the skin following treatment (we love this toner, it is alcohol-free, made with natural ingredients, and doesn’t burn our skin)
  6. Cooling Water-Based Gel Application: Gel conducts light for IPL and protects skin from heat
  7. IPL Light: Reduces the appearance of scarring, redness, dark spots/ sun-spots, and brightens the complexion, evening skin tone
  8. Balancing Antioxidant Toner Application
  9. Essential Daily Moisturizer Application: Antioxidant moisturizer to soothe dry, dull, and irritated skin

Skin Laundry Laser and Light Facial NYC Flatiron Carbon Peel

The Benefits:

  • Remove bacteria and vaporize dirt
  • Improve unevenness + dull complexions
  • Brighten and tighten skin
  • Soften+ smooth for a more radiant glow  
  • Spot removal
  • Nourish, refresh, and deep cleanse

Ideal For:

People who have acne scars/ breakouts/ or want to even out skin tone in a quick non-invasive treatment. The Carbon Peel add-on is great for people who can’t come in as frequently- this is a stronger treatment, therefore, the results/glow lasts longer.

The Fine Print:

-The standard laser + light treatment is safe to do every 2 days, though it is recommended to do 1-2x per week

-The Carbon add-on is only safe to do every 7 days, based on the intensity of the treatment on the skin.

-No exfoliation on the day of treatment

-Lasers can be drying, use a Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask to replenish moisture (most effective if used the same day of treatment)

-Avoid wearing heavy foundation for the remainder of the day

The Afterglow- Our Thoughts

How We Felt:

Overall, as promised the treatment was quick and effective. We love getting laser + light therapy treatments, and strongly believe in the benefits lasers can provide. A bit more detail into how each step of the process felt, but we strongly recommend you check it out for yourself!

  • Heat Laser: Experienced a minimal burning sensation which was slightly uncomfortable especially around eyes, chin, and nose
  • YAG Laser: The zapping noise of this laser was alarming at first. This is where your pain tolerance comes into play. For Kim, the treatment felt small rubber bands snapping on the skin, but bearable. Lauren didn’t think the pain was as bad, compared to laser hair removal. There was a burning odor, which the technician explained was the dirt and bacteria being extracted from the skin.
  • IPL Light: Bright flashes of light were apparent through our goggles. There was a warming sensation that was far less intense than the YAG laser.

Would we do it again:

Yes! One of our favorite things is how quick and effective the treatment is. In a short 15 minutes, our skin felt cleaner and brighter with zero downtime.

Keep Glowing Pro Tip:

We asked our aesthetician for advice on her recommendation for healthy/glowing skin:

“Using a toner in your daily skincare regimen is so important! Toners help to balance pH levels of skin, unclog pores, and allow for following products to penetrate skin on a deeper level.”


Whether you’ve experienced a laser + light facial at Skin Laundry or in your hometown, we love the Skin Laundry line for a lasting glow. Shop the post below!

Skin Laundry Products


You Tell Us

Have you ever been to Skin Laundry or considered using light + laser treatments?

Would a glossary of different types of lasers and facials be helpful to guide your decision for your skincare needs? Comment, share, and ask us your questions below!   


All things beautiful,

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