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sundays Nail Salon Review | Where Manicures Meet Mindfulness

Hi Beauties, Today we’re bringing you one of our favorite places that offer us TWO of our favorite things- Manicures and Mindfulness. Enter sundays, an NYC Nail Salon. Let’s face it, we’re all constantly moving a-mile-a-minute, with our lives being busier than ever before. It’s often a challenge to find time for the things that, in our opinion, are totally necessary- a minute to simply #treatyourself. sundays that believes a nail salon should be more than just a manicure. Think of this as a one-stop-shop where beauty, culture, and wellness meet- a place that will leave your nails and mind looking and feeling beautiful.

If you’re not in NYC, you too can benefit from the idea of sundays by taking meditation to a nail salon near you. Check out our favorite list of at home meditation apps, pick a color, pop in your headphones, and let the relaxation begin.

The Essentials- Need to Know

Space + Ambience:

Place: sundays

About: sundays is changing the game in nail care. Outside of offering non-toxic and vegan manicures, pedicures, and massages, the real differentiation of sundays is their unique offering of a guided meditation along with your nail treatment. sundays was created by Founder & CEO, Amy Ling Lin, to address the growing issue of toxicity in nail care for both the consumer and employee. The mission of sundays is simple- to expand on the idea of not only looking your best but feeling your best too, during one of the few times you have a moment to yourself.

The studio was born to create a place of inclusivity, where everyone will feel beautiful, accepted and free to be their true selves.

Neighborhood: Nomad

Vibes: The ambiance of sundays might be our favorite part. Bright and light with Hygee/ Scandinavian inspired vibes, sundays is an oasis set in the center of the concrete jungle. We immediately felt at home in this warm, peaceful, and friendly space. Unlike the traditional nail salon experience, at sundays, we immediately felt calm and eager to stay awhile.

Sundays NYC: Flatiron Pedicure Area


Lobby: Light wood shelves house blush colored roses, tulips, candles, and potted plants. There is a large polish wall displaying the gorgeous sundays 10-Free product line. A spiral staircase winds up to the second-floor event space.

Studio: sundays is super clean, comfortable, and everything used in our treatments was top-notch.

Worth Your While:

Cost: 2-in-1 Meditation Manicure (30 mins) $30 + Signature Pedicure (35 mins) $45

Other Services Offered: Nail Art Design, Quick “Recharge” Waterless Services, Pedicures

Menu for Nomad Studio | Menu for Saks Fifth Avenue Downtown | Menu for Saks Fifth Avenue 49th

The Main Event- Behind the Scenes

The Set-Up:

When we arrived we were offered Yogi Tea (Peach Detox, Chai Rooibos, and Green Tea Super Antioxidant. The Peach Detox and Super Green are our favorites, we order them ALL THE TIME). We didn’t wait long before the kind staff at sundays led us to the pedicure treatment area.

The Treatment: 2-in-1 Meditation Manicure + Signature Pedicure

2-in-1 Meditation Manicure: The treatment began with the sundays staff giving us our noise-canceling headphones and iPod. From there we were instructed to choose our guided meditation from Inscape and sat back to relax. Before we knew it we were buffed, shaped, and polished, all while our minds were guided to ease.

Signature Pedicure: Next we were led to the super comfy canopy chairs for our pedicure. Our favorite touch was the fresh rose petals added to soaking tub to soften tired soles.  

Sundays NYC: Flatiron Pedicure

The Benefits:

  • Non-toxic + vegan nail color
  • Increased focus
  • Stress Reduction
  • Increased memory
  • Increased confidence
  • Overall wellness

Ideal For:

sundays is perfect for anyone looking for more than just a manicure, or a non-toxic all-natural option.

The Afterglow- Our Thoughts

How We Felt:

We loved the entire experience. From the ambiance to the service, we left feeling relaxed and beautiful inside and out.  

Would we do it again:

Absolutely. The manicure definitely lasted longer than most.

Exciting brand news to share:

Summer collection sold online and at Nomad and Saks locations. Saks, Fifth Ave, Beauty 2.0 opened in May.

Keep Glowing Pro Tip:

Founder & CEO Amy Ling Lin shared her tip for relieving stress and shifting perspective-

Pay attention to the things around you, instead of the problems you have. It helps to shift focus to the present and discover new things. A different environment stimulates new thoughts and helps develop a different mood. It’s so accessible and easy to do.


sundays created its own line of 10-Free Nail Polish, leaving out toxic chemical additives, commonly found in nail color. sundays line is vegan, cruelty-free, and one of the safest lines available, while still offering shine and long-lasting color. Shop the post below or check out their full product line here

Sundays NYC Non-Toxic Nail Polish


You Tell Us 

Have you ever thought about meditating in a non-traditional space (we think its genius!)? Is non-toxic something you look for when it comes to nail care? Comment below!


All things beautiful,

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