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The Best Pregnancy Books

Best Pregnancy Books

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! First things first, we’ve rounded up the best pregnancy books for you here as you get started on your journey. If you’re like us after seeing that positive (and heading to the Doctors to confirm) you’re ready to get planning for baby.

Immediately after finding out Baby H was on the way, I did what I do best, and researched what books to buy.  As we say, knowledge is power, and nothing makes me feel better than being as prepared as possible for a situation and the various outcomes. Pregnancy and childbirth is something I knew little about, and I had questions. Lots of questions. From if things are normal or abnormal in pregnancy, to what to expect throughout the journey, what to buy for Baby H, how to prepare for all of the pregnancy milestones (and ultimately for childbirth), and most importantly, what to do with the baby once he is here. I also am SUPER interested in what happens to YOU post-baby. So, looking at “the fourth trimester”, postpartum, and how to keep feeling your best, keep your relationship strong and be the best you can for your new bundle of joy.

This said we’ve rounded up all of the books we’ve purchased, been given, or have been recommended for pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and beyond. Let us know what we’re missing from our list and we will update this as we read, hear, and learn more!

The Best Pregnancy Books Overall (comprehensive pre and post-birth)

The Best Real Deal Pregnancy Books (with a bit of humor)

The Best Pregnancy Books for Specifics

The Best Books for Postpartum

The Best Books for Dads

The Best Books for Baby Needs (post-birth)

Best Pregnancy Books

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