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The Lasting Effects of Holistic Beauty | Pacific Touch NYC: Part 3

It’s safe to say that we left Nichola with LOTS to share- advice, tips, and knowledge for those of you here in NYC or around the world. Holistic beauty treatments are available everywhere, you just have to know what to ask for. Read on for our final thoughts on why we’ll be continuing with holistic beauty and wellness. To us, there’s nothing better than connecting the dots, and actually being able to understand how what you put into your body and lifestyle, directly affects how you look and feel.

Holistic Facial After-Glow

 The Afterglow- Our Thoughts

How We Felt:

Honestly, we felt totally revitalized from the inside out after leaving Pacific Touch. Our skin felt rejuvenated and hydrated and in our minds, we were ready to kick our new habits of holistic wellness and beauty into high gear. We each had a different plan of attack based on our conversations with Nichola, and were eager to receiver our follow up advice and next steps, a unique service only a Holistic Esthetician can provide- more on this below.

At Pacific Touch, there is an unparalleled acknowledgment to the uniqueness of each client’s individual skin and health needs, with the treatment being catered specifically to those needs. You can tell this is totally true when you see that there are very few preset treatments offered at Pacific Touch. There is no cookie cutter menu, no overwhelming feelings of what treatments/products to choose, and no “salesy” upselling during treatments (literally, there is nothing worse).

No matter what treatment you’re coming in for, every visit is treated as “holistic, meaning that if Nichola notices anything during treatment that she feels you can benefit from (i.e. diet/lifestyle tips), she will always share it. In Nichola’s words, she values selling knowledge, not product, and you truly feel Nichola’s genuine attentiveness and sense of care for your overall well-being. And what’s better than that?

“The healthier you get your skin the less you have to do. The vibrancy and light, comes from healthy living and potentially even dialing back product use. Take responsibility for what you’re doing in your day to day. This is much more powerful than anything that you can topically put on your skin.”- Nichola Weir

After our treatments, Nichola sent us each a customized follow-up email that was incredibly thorough, thoughtful, and personal. Nichola’s follow up’s are specific and cover points discussed during treatment along with tips to remember to keep skin healthy through lifestyle choices. Product recommendations are also included based on your skin type and current needs.

A few of our highlights:
  • Based on your skin health goals your primary focus should be building collagen and strengthening your outer barrier.
  • Because of the industry you are in you do need to be careful not to over treat your skin (too many resurfacing treatments and/or resurfacing products can thin skin out and make it very sensitive
  • Incorporate products that contain Vitamin C, licorice extract, hyaluronic and peptides to hydrate, lighten, brighten and build collagen.
  • Continuing your Daily Probiotic and Omega 3 (we love these, specifically!) will help strengthen your skin and reduce inflammation.
  • Try not to use towels from the gym or yoga studio on your face (they are heavily laundered and harsh detergents and bleach can irritate skin already fragile from sweat)
  • Any signs of digestive distress (bloating etc) will impact on your skin health.
  • Daily green smoothies are a game changer (limiting fruit and focusing on alkalizing greens).
  • Hydrate inside and out. Up your daily water intake (you want to double it) and continue using hydrating sheet mask treatments at least weekly.

Overall, we both left feeling renewed, refreshed, and glowing from the inside out. The next morning our skin felt tighter and looked a bit more hydrated, contoured, and lifted.

Would we do it again:

Yes, yes, and yes! Our treatments were among the most relaxing, effective, and healing we’ve ever received- both physically and spiritually. Nichola actually is esthetician and therapist all in one! Take our word for it, you’ll have one of the most relaxing, informative, and uplifting facials of your life. If you don’t live in NYC we highly encourage you to locate a Holistic Esthetician near you.

NIchola Weir Pacific Touch NYC

Exciting brand news to share:

Nichola has a new product line inspired by the story of her business: Born in NZ made in NY. She has put together serum based facial oils, using ingredients from her hometown in New Zealand. Ingredients include indigenous NZ skin superfoods like Manuka Honey, Pacific Blue Lavender, and Kawakawa, blended with other skin loving facial oils that nourish, soothe and repair. She is currently in soft launch mode and has released a Revitalizing Oil and a Blemish serum. Email us if interested and we’re happy to connect you!

Anyone outside of NYC suffering from acne and wish you could have Nichola by your side? Now you can! Nichola is newly offering a “Virtual Acne Healing” course for acne sufferers- details can be found here for anyone who is interested in healing their acne naturally but with Nichola’s in-depth expert guidance!

Keep Glowing BD / Pro Tip:

“Have patience. In our society, we are in need of instant results. People sometimes think, if it’s expensive or painful, it must work. However, when underlying issues are not addressed, that is likely causing the problem in the first place, no amount of money spent on expensive treatment will fix the problem. Ask WHY not WHAT.” -Nichola Weir

“I changed the relationship I had with my skin. Stopped fighting and started nourishing it, paying more attention to what it was trying to tell me. I don’t think we do this enough. Acne is not the problem; there’s an internal problem, and acne is our skin’s way of trying to tell us that there’s an imbalance somewhere and that we need to look for it. So rather than concentrating on the symptom, it’s more effective to look underneath, and find out what it is that your skin is trying to tell you.” -Nichola Weir


-For Acne consultations, LED Light booking, or questions about treatments, contact Nichola directly at

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– Giveaway: We have teamed up with Pacific Touch to gift 1 lucky reader a 75 minute customized facial ($175 value)! Head to our Beauty Disclosed Instagram for details to enter!

You Tell Us:

Have you ever experienced a holistic facial? Interested in seeing a holistic esthetician? Need help finding one? Let us know your location and we will take a look! Let us know in the comments below.

All Things Beautiful,

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