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The Travel Necessities We Can’t Live Without

Travel Necessities

Hi Babes! In light of our upcoming travel, we wanted to pull together a list of our must-have (carry-on) travel necessities we can’t live without. We have a running list of the things that make flying, the airport, layovers, and delays, all the more comfortable in what is usually a pretty miserable situation.

Let’s start by saying we are pretty particular, and we like to be comfortable. Flying, training, road tripping can get a little stressful when people are hungry, tired, and uncomfortable. There is no worse feeling than you yourself (or maybe worse, your travel companions) being unprepared and unhappy. Second, we actually LIKE traveling. When we can be productive, that is. This productivity takes many forms, like multi-masking, while catching up on emails.

First things first…

Outside of the things we’re about to share, here’s another tip to make travel more luxurious, easy, and actually enjoyable. First, we always sign up for the in-flight wifi. We catch up on emails, finish our never-ending to-do lists, plan our content, and do all of the things we never seem to have time to get to.  Also, we try to get to the airport early, and thus, the airport lounges matter. We love the American Express Platinum Card (click this link to apply!) if you don’t have status on airlines, which will grant you free access to the comfy airport lounges. This is another incentive for us to get to the airport with plenty of time and minimize stress.

Travel Necessities

Now, the items we love…

SO here they are. We’ll continually update this list so that you can always know our most recent faves. AND let us know what’s in your carry-on bag to ensure you’re always prepared and most of all, turn the stress of travel into comfort and ease.

Durable and Large Carry-On Shoulder Bag:

This is HUGE for us, not only does it help with the weight of our checked bags, but it maximizes that second item that the airlines allow. Our top picks? Our favorite is the MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote (this has three inside pouches that are PERFECT for organization). Also, we love the LL Bean Hunter Tote in XL (this is only $45 and a great budget-friendly option).

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones:

These Bose headphones are the best for flying and block out all of the unwanted noise. I bought them for my hubby and quickly ordered for myself. They are also Bluetooth enabled and come with a cord to connect should you want to watch a movie in flight.

Pillow + Blanket + Eye Mask:

These are two of our favorites and SO KEY for overnight flights. We have tried and tested a wide variety of pillows and blankets and landed on these. This pillow is the BEST (it totally cradles your head in all ways). And we love this blanket that folds into a little pouch! This eye mask is perfect if you have lashes, or if you just want something super comfy that actually blocks the light.

Snacks + Water:

I keep all of my snacks in the large MZ Wallace pouch included with the bags above. I’ve searched high and low for a reasonable calorie, protein-filled, low carb/sugar bar, and love these all-natural bars from Atlas Bars. They keep you full and taste delicious! I also always have fruit, gluten-free pretzels, and a few other healthy snacks on hand. I either bring my Simple Modern 40oz water bottle or buy 2-3 liters of water for the flight. There is nothing worse to me than being thirsty and stuck on a plane with no water.


We searched long and hard before committing to a DSLR camera. The Sony A600 mirrorless was our pick, and we LOVE it. It’s small enough to throw in your bag and has wi-fi to download your images straight from your camera to your phone. We have this soft camera case, and this neck strap and both are great!

Charging Cable + Extra Battery:

For the flights that dont have plugs (or the many where the plugs dont work), we love having these items. Our favorite Native Union charging cable is extra-long, weighted, and lightning-fast. We also have this Anker extra battery which provides 2-3 full charges but is small and light enough to toss in your bag.

Comfy Sweatshirt and Leggings:

Our go-to in flight uniform for long flights is a comfy sweatshirt and a pair of leggings. We love this Aerie sweatshirt (only $26 on sale)! Our favorite leggings are the Lululemon Align Leggings, they are super stretchy and nonconstricting!

 A Good Book or Podcast:

We always bring a good book, to take a break from our productivity, or for when we need to wind down. We also love listening to Podcasts. Our favorites are from Mindbodygreen, Goop, Skinny Confidential Him + Her, The GaryVee Show, Food Haven, Soul on Fire (from The Balanced Blonde) and more. We’re currently reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington for non-fiction and The Idea of You for fiction.

Beauty + Skincare:

We love to pack the medium MZ Wallace pouch with skincare in-flight necessities. Knowing how dehydrated we get when flying, Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask is always in our bag. Next, we always bring our travel pack of UMA essential oils (LOVE these).  We toss in a toner/essence to balance skins pH (we love this Tata Harper Essence Spray). Pick a serum, we’re loving the La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum. Add a moisturizer, we are using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Moisturizer. We top it all off with the Laneige Lip Mask and a Finishing/Hydrating Spray (we use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir or Mario Badescu Rose Water + Aloe Spray. Add in a Slipsilk Scrunchie, and voila! You’ve made your own travel kit/mini skincare routine.

Teas + Supplements:

We love to make sure we have a couple of teas to drink on the plane. First, for sleep, we love this Valerian Root Tea. We also love a good turmeric tea to fight inflammation, immune-boosting tea, and green tea for antioxidants and a good boost of energy. We also carry on all of our medications, including this magnesium and melatonin for overnight flights, and Zicam or Counter Attack in case we feel a cold coming on (see our post on how to boost your immune system FAST).

Again, all of this fits in your MZ Wallace or LL Bean Hunter’s Tote Bag! We promise with this list, you will have thought of it all, and feel TOTALLY comfortable throughout your travel experience. Maybe, you’ll even begin to feel like traveling is an outlet for being productive and pampering!

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