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Why We Love the Cult Favorite Lotion P50

P50 toner

If you’ve been following us, it’s no secret how much we LOVE the Biologique Resurge Lotion P50. So, we wanted to do a deep dive into what it is, the benefits, how it works, and which one to buy. Check out our “ode to P50” and click here to buy today!


What is P50?

Despite the name, Lotion P50 is actually not a lotion at all. It’s actually a “French water weight exfoliating toner.” from the cult favorite brand Biologique Recherche. Strangely this has become part of our nightly routine, and the part that we may look the most forward to.  The smell of it can be jarring- and it lasts (you will smell it when you go to your hot yoga class the next morning), but we’ve gotten used to it. But there’s a reason this is dubbed the “miracle in a bottle”, so despite the unpleasant aroma, for us the benefits far outweigh the scent. P50 is a favorite among celebrities, estheticians, facialists, beauty bloggers and many more – for good reason.


What are the Benefits and How does it work?

Lotion P50 exfoliates, to minimizing dark spots and acne and regulate sebum (oil in the skin). It enhances your natural glow, balances pH in the skin, shrinks the size of pores, all while evening out skin tone. Your skin will feel a bit tingly, but it’s well worth the incomparable glow. It’s also perfect for those that live in congested areas and need to rid their skin of the impurities and toxins that build up simply from walking around the city. I’ve been using this for over a year now and my skin cannot get enough.

You should apply by pressing into the skin with a clean cotton round. Check out This video to learn the technique of how to perfectly apply your P50.

Note: you want to stay away from the P50 1970 formula and use the P50 which is free of Phenol when pregnant or breastfeeding.


Which P50 to buy?

There are 7 versions of P50 and 3 different strengths – RegularP50V for normal skin, andP50W for sensitive skin. Each variation was created for specific skin needs. I’ve used (and liked) almost all of them, but am currently using the P50 (Phenol Free).

The 3 formulas of P50 are The Original 1970, which is more potent, burning a bit more due to the Phenol. The New Formula, replacing Phenol with added acids, vinegar, onions, and horseradish. And lastly, The Pigmentation Formula, perfect for those with sensitive skin, pigmentation, or discoloration.

Note: P50, and the line of Biologique Recherche products are hard to find. If you’re ordering online, try Rescue Spa or Vicky Morav. If you’re in NYC, you can purchase at Rescue Spa on 19th Street, from the Peninsula (Midtown) or from DAPHNE (Nolita).


If you’re feeling conflicted and confused about which P50 to buy, I highly recommend calling Rescue Spa in NYC or Philidelphia and speaking with customer service. I love going here for facials, and this is where I buy my P50. They’re incredibly helpful.

If you have any other questions on the P50 let us know and we’ll answer below! Also, check out our top 10 transitional beauty products for spring.



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