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Working Out At Home | Video Series for a Full Body Workout

Workout From Home

Ever like you’re spending more time deciding which videos to work out to, than you do actually working out? Don’t worry, we feel you! Today’s post is inspired by how overwhelming it can actually feel to sift through the hundreds of videos on an app and pick one that you know will be effective, efficient, and good use of your time.


So, today I’ve shared a combination of workout videos that I did back-to-back in one day, and together, they hit all the things I look for in a well-rounded workout. Essentially, I want to get my heart rate up, then focus on sculpting and toning using weights, sliders, resistance bands, and my fave- a Pilates ball. My daily workout cocktail usually consists of 20 min cardio with the Peloton app + 15-20 min strength (core) with Peloton + 3-4 quickie videos with The Sculpt Society. With all this extra free time, I often find myself just doing video after video and before I know it, an hour and a half has gone by! Anyone else!?

Try the videos below for a FULL body workout (it’s an 85min workout, but if you don’t have the time to do all, just pick one of the Quickie Butt and Quickie Ab workouts from The Sculpt Society listed below!) and let me know if sharing these video combinations is helpful in taking the guess work out for you! P.S. At the bottom of the post you can shop all of the equipment I use for this workout video series!

  1. Peloton– Cardio > Filter to 20 min + HIIT + instructor Jess Sims (click on video that’s from 3/27/20 @ 9:30am)
    • Loved how this one incorporated boxing which we know is always killer cardio. For an extra push, I like to put on my 1.5 lb ankle weights on my wrist for entire video, and then also pickup the 2lb hand weights whenever it’s time to throw punches and box.
  2. Peloton– Strength > Filter to 20 min + Core + instructor Olivia Amato (click on video from 3/10/20 @ 9:35am)
  3. The Sculpt Society– For booty: 20 min Quickie Butt 01 + 10 min Quickie Butt 03
  4. The Sculpt Society– For abs: 5 min Quickie Abs w/ Pilates Ball 03 + 10 min Quickie Plank Abs 02

I hope this video combo gives you as good of sweat as it did for me! 😘 P.S. workout set is from Tan + Lines by Sivanayla!

All things beautiful,

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